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Kurt Cobain
de Kurt Cobain

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Chansons de l'album

  • 01Introduction
  • 02Courtney Love Reads Suicide Letter, Pt. 1
  • 03Life Was Never Fun
  • 04Author Dave Thompson
  • 05Growing Up/The Road to Nirvana
  • 06Early Nirvana
  • 07Editor Charles Cross
  • 08Kurt Speaks About Early Nirvana, and Revolving Drummers
  • 09Never Mind
  • 10Bob Guccione Jr.
  • 11Dave Thompson
  • 12Demands of Fame
  • 13Bob Guccione Jr. on the Alleged Feud with Eddie Vedder
  • 14On Courtney Love, Marriage and Hope
  • 15Parenthood
  • 16Saturday Night Live Rumors
  • 17Visibly Suffering-Pressure and Drugs
  • 18MTV Unplugged
  • 19On Happiness, Fame and Popularity
  • 20Andy Summers (The Police) - 1993 Interview/Perceptions of a Modest Icon
  • 21Intensifying Drug Problems and Rehabilitation Attempts
  • 22Courtney Love Reads Suicide Letter, Pt. 2
  • 23Missing Person/The Suicide
  • 24Courtney Love Reads Suicide Letter (Pt. 2)
  • 25Gavin Rossdale of Bush
  • 26Did We Really See It Coming?/Placing the Blame
  • 27Would Nirvana Survive?
  • 28Memory Lives On
  • 29In Conclusion